About Us

Welcome to HEADS

HEADS (Hari Environment and Development Society is a Non-Profit Organization registered under Societies Act 1860, having its Registered office at New Delhi with branch offices in various states of India and affiliates in South and Southeast Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

HEADS is an international society working to harness human creativity for building partnerships and developing and delivering programmes and projects aimed at addressing the inter-related issues of poverty and environmental degradation, principally in India, Asia and Africa. It draws upon the accumulated experience and expertise in engineering, science and technology and in holistic development project planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation undertaken along with sister organizations in India and abroad since early seventies. While maintaining its independence and basic mandate, it has been ever evolving and reinventing itself to pro-actively promote the cause of sustainable livelihoods and to meet the emerging challenges of unmet human aspirations, of economic, ecological, social and scientific developments and of the ongoing globalization process. It retains its foundation on the grounds of serving society selflessly and on working with like minded individuals, institutions and entities for converting challenges into opportunities for lasting human welfare and for maintaining a healthy planet for the present and future generations.