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HEADS (Hari Environment and Development Society is a Non-Profit Organization registered under Societies Act 1860, having its Registered office at New Delhi with branch offices in various states of India and affiliates in South and Southeast Asia, Africa and elsewhere.
HEADS is an international society working to harness human creativity for building partnerships and developing and delivering programmes and projects aimed at addressing the inter-related issues of poverty and environmental degradation, principally in India, Asia and Africa. It draws upon the accumulated experience and expertise in engineering, science and technology and in holistic development project planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation undertaken along with sister organizations in India and abroad since early seventies.
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  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Food security, health and nutrition
  • Water and energy,
  • Forests, mountains and biodiversity
  • Traditional knowledge and heritage systems
  • Information and communication technology
  • Children and women
  • Trade, market, corporate responsibility We work on our specialties and focus areas, either on their own, or in an interdisciplinary manner for promoting poverty eradication and sustainable development.